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05 February 2014 @ 11:41 pm
Is society responsible for mental illness outbreaks?  
Is it awareness from commercials and print media that makes mental illness so "marketable" nowdays.

It would be easy to say so, but I think alot of factors contribute to it.

For one thing I grew up in a generation Y, which has been tagged the "narcissism generation."  Everything is about you, but there is so little actual sense of community or even friendship I feel sometimes.  Even when I have made friends in my life, they seem to be single serving shallow what have you types.  At best, If I am worth using at the time, I may hold on to a friend a little longer.

It's very rare you actually get someone to just "listen" anymore.  If you tell someone you are depressed, all you get in return is a saying that goes something like this ; "see your doctor, a prescription will help you."

It was so much easier when you were a kid because your peers either had time to listen, or didn't let the weight of the world brush them down into uncaring narcissists.  I realized after I turned 30 recently that my generation has some of the poorest collective attitude i've ever seen, and they never "fret" or get in each others faces about it.  It's just kind of hovering, a crescendo of people silently making note of how being guarded and living for themselves is a viable solution to dealing with living.

Meanwhile, maybe eventually Ill give in and take those meds again so at least I don't think anything about where I am.

It was just so much easier being dumb and naive.