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03 March 2014 @ 11:10 pm
The age of Aquarius. good and the bad?  
With the coming age of Aquarius, I feel good about some things and bad.  The Aquarian energy doesn't mind shedding ego for the great good. However it has its prices.  Every age has it's upsides and downsides.  Every age has it's positive and negative, as I believe the universe and natural energy work on a yin and yang effect.

Plus sides of the age of Aquarius : better technology.  Longer life spans and increase in genetics to propel humanity and a self controlled evolutionary path.  Cures for chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes.  more unification. Understanding and acceptance. Information is free.
More safety, and people will partner more for love then responsibility. More socialist government to take care of everyone.  Third world countries will be picked up, but nations high on the chain will drop down.  Cities will become more efficient.  The rising cost of natural resources will be debunked a bit by the packing of people into larger areas.

More efficiency in the work environment.  Production will become a promise without interruptions.  The further development of the internet will make seeking information easier.  Robots will become more and more mainstream and do the things regular people can't.  They will increase productivity for companies.

Downsides : loss of identity, freedom, humanity.  Economy goes south.  The gap between the rich and the poor may be substantial under current money ideals.  Little to differentiate people apart from one another to free information.  People may need to partner less, as the need for one another decreases due to a social government taking care of needs.  Eugenics May limit the ability to reproduce, and a "takes a village to raise a child" attitude may adapt since aquarian energy wants to take care of all.

Dictatorship possible, even when everyone will subconsciously agree to it.  Mega adjustment in humanity through eugenics over long periods of humanity probably will occur.  Population will decrease over a long period due to "combing out" undesirable DNA and traits through eugenics.

Mass war, disease  (plague?) and death may be possible due to people living in major city centers. Do the wide gap in the rich and poor, cities might have high crime rates.  Eventually you may high upper rich class, and people in slums.  The rich people may own companies, while what was once a functioning middle and lower class reduced to poverty thanks to robotics taking all the work. Even with the rich helping take care of those less fortunate, the aloff-ness in emotional bonding may cause rifts between the classes.  People need a reason to live, work and feeling special provide that.  Two things that might be deleted by the Age of Aquarius.