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17 April 2014 @ 11:23 am
My Pride  
In life no where to settle down
In my humble point of view
Ever fleeting rite it of passage
As a ghost I pass rite through

Everything I came to had know
Every feeling I could ever show
Simply comes down to nothing
Time now simply moves to slow

Sedated in it's own wake
Memories of the love embrace
Wishing it came back forever
The feeling of bliss upon face

At this rate I came to realize
My loyalty was like a fire
Burning bright and ever on
Symbolic of my hearts desire

There's no words in the universe
To show what it meant to me
Giving me a reason for breathing
The power to make a blind man see

Every morning I lay my head
Birds sing blissful in the dawn
People laughing people crying
Hear the world outside go on

Inside my self a prison
Empty cells make up my heart
Not a way out I see no door
Losing my pride tore me apart

The past was filled with smiles
Every breath a gift of grace
I was once a person in the world
Who felt like I found my place

Like those birds upon the sky
As a proud eagle I flew so high
Love kept me above it all
The hardest thing to say goodbye

Loves a great power but a mystery
The happiest force in life
Can take you to new heights
Or rip you up like a knife

They say that life goes on
Many more fish in the sea
For there's one thing I know
Love was comforting to me

Now nothing left deep inside
Except that love once my guide
Missing it walking by my side
Radiance to life It did provide

Now I am a two way mirror
There's just is no other side
Soul evacuated and fleeting
A man defeated without pride
bubblitiousbubblitious on May 24th, 2014 12:46 am (UTC)
Amazing poem